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Great Prices – free estimates, London and the South East It's difficult to price any project without seeing it, and all projects vary depending upon size, type and complexity. But it's not as confusing as you may think. Call us for a free estimate. We don't mind taking the time to break down our estimate or answer any questions you might have.
Cherrytree Builders' experience can help homeowners decide on the best way to add space or functionality to their home at least cost, while keeping the home’s look and character in mind.

We’ll evaluate your existing structure, work with local planning officials and propose alternatives in clear language to help the homeowner decide on the best course. Call 020 8657 7734

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Always aim to get at least three quotations for your building work. These should be detailed, describing all stages of the project. Ask for details of previous work and go and have a look. If you can speak to the home owners to find out if the building work was acceptable.

Once you have decided on a builder draw up a written contract, detailing all the aspects of the project and also an agreed timetable. Any changes to this timetable or contract details should be discussed and agreed in writing before any work on the changes commences. This can avoid arguments afterwards when differences of opinion occur. Cherrytree Builders can provide legal contracts for you to sign along with us. These cost £25, but it gives both parties peace of mind.

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