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The Cherry tree self-build has been established solely to use its knowledge and unique experience to assist self-builders; i.e. those who wish to take responsibility for the individual project management of the construction of their new home from the groundwork up.

We are experts in timber frame construction, now recognised as the most efficient and environmentally friendly method of construction, and will supply you with the timber frame, which will form the major single element of your new house.

However, our involvement does not end there. We will look at your original ideas and help you to turn these into working drawings. We can also assist you in applying for planning permission and building regulations and, in addition to the basic ‘chassis’ of your new home, we can supply any materials you do not wish to source yourself, including windows, insulation, boarding and second fix joinery.

We are ready and equipped to help, no matter which stage you have reached with your plans or concepts. Working with you, we will ensure that you are able to commission and complete your own bespoke design, take advantage of the natural benefits of your plot and realise all the aspirations you have for your new home.

Our services include:

Complete design, build and installation of outdoor blinds and awnings. This outdoor feature is more suited to properties in warmer climates such as Australia, India and the USA. Click here.

We can implement a full house extension including single and double storey. This also includes garage and attic conversions. Take a look.

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Case Study

A five bedroom house in Surrey


1.  Living Room
2.  Dining Room
3.  Kitchen / Breakfast Room
4.  Study
5.  Utility Room
6.  5 Bedrooms
7.  2 Bathrooms
8.  1 Shower Room
9.  Integral Double Garage

Time Scale

68 month, from digging the foundations to moving in (April - September 2014)

Simon and Pat owned the land they chose to build on. They set their budget and wanted to create a traditional family home. The house, which occupied the land they bought, had been built in the 1920's and did not provide the right sort of accommodation for the family. Working with the couple, the Cherry tree team was pro-active in developing their original plans and ideas, which resulted in subtle improvements to the aesthetic look of the house, and to its overall performance.

"There were a number of practical issues that you helped us to appreciate. It certainly improved the specification of the original plans," says Simon. "Now we are looking forward to moving in. We're really delighted, it looks even better than we imagined it would.”


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